This page includes three of the many requested art pieces used for advertisement by businesses and companies.



The MobiHub project is a recent project that I completed, I was requested by a repair store to create a 15 page slideshow to be displayed on a 32" TV at the store. 15 separate designs created all in their own unique way with the same colour scheme used. Aside from the slideshow, I was requested to design 3 advertisement posters to be used for social media, all of which can be found on the business's Facebook page.

urban monks

Urban Monks is a clothing brand, prior to it's launch they requested of me to make some advertising posters to be posted and a logo which can be found in the Logos page. This is my favourite poster of the lot just because of the render used in the background, it's amazing, it was taken by a friend in Dubai.  



Supernova is a music festival that was held in a city in the Netherlands, one of the event organisers contacted me asking for a poster and this was the end result. (By the way psychedelic is spelt incorrectly on purpose!)